Christmas Bucket List

I have always loved lists! Check lists, to-do lists, bucket lists… Growing up, I would ask my mom to write my chores down on an list. I would call it my “Amelia Bedelia List”. Amelia Bedelia was a series of children’s books about a housekeeper that I read while growing up. I would go through each chore on the list and check it off until I was done. There is something so satisfying about completing a list!

I love writing seasonal bucket lists. That way I can take full advantage of the season! It really helps me get into the spirit of the season and they are so fun to write and complete! Since it is the day after Thanksgiving and the count down to Christmas has begun, I though it would be perfect to share my Christmas Bucket list! Also, scroll down to the bottom for my downloadable Christmas Bucket List pdf!

-DIY gifts

-Bake Christmas cookies

-Wrap presents

-Watch Christmas movies

-DIY a Christmas wreath

-Make an ornament

-Cook a batch of soup

-Pick the perfect tree

-Make Christmas cards

-Go on a sleigh ride

-Make a snowman

-Burn holiday candles

-Pay it forward

-Go sledding

-Kiss under the mistletoe

-Take a scenic drive

-Look at Christmas lights

-Make cinnamon rolls

-Wear matching pajamas

-Start a new tradition

-String popcorn

-Go ice skating

-Read Christmas stories

-Listen to Christmas music

-Volunteer at a shelter

-Go to a Christmas festival

-Watch a Christmas parade

-Donate to a toy drive

-Go caroling with friends

-Decorate the Christmas tree

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Here is the downloadable pdf: Christmas Bucket List

What’s on your Christmas Bucket list? 🙂

  1. This is so amazing, really liked the idea of having a seasonal bucket list as well as your picks from the detailed pdf. Volunteering and donating to toy drive is something I am going to add to my list as I forgot it due to some issues last year.

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