Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Her, Him & Friends

I love getting the chance to spoil friends and family and that’s why I love Valentine’s Day! I know it can be tough figuring out what to get your loved ones for Valentine’s Day so I decided to make a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift for your friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend! All of these items are from Urban Outfitters. They have an awesome section of Valentine’s Day gift ideas on their website. This is a compilation of my favorites! You can shop the items by clicking on it’s picture.


I never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day when I was in high school so my best friend and I would always give each other gifts like teddy bears, chocolates, and cards. I always loved that tradition. I put together some really cute and girly gift options for your girlfriends! They are all under $15 so they won’t break the bank which is always a plus. They’re perfect gifts for letting your friends know how special they are!




I love getting my boyfriend funny gifts like silly boxers and cheesy books! Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, can be a little cheesy so it’s the perfect time of year for these kind of gifts. I also like to spoil him with higher ticket gifts sometimes. Below are two affordable, cheesy gift ideas and two slightly more expensive options if you feel like spoiling him a little extra this year! All four of these options are under $40.




These four options are gifts I would love for myself on Valentine’s Day (I’ll have to show these to Schyler lol!). Guys, I’m sure your girlfriends would love these too! The most expensive gift is the polaroid camera at $70 but the rest are under $30. You can’t go wrong with a pretty necklace or a yummy smelling perfume. These gifts are sure to make your girl feel special this Valentine’s Day! 

I hope you guys found this gift guide helpful! Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day? 🙂

  1. Since my girlfriend is an avid photographer she would really love the polaroid camera. Thanks, for putting that in would not have crossed my mind. I reckon its affordable as well. I love the speaker too pretty neat.

  2. I love getting my friends gifts for Valentine’s Day. I have that little Instax camera and it is great. I love taking photos with it and sticking them on the fridge. Great ideas there. Might have to get my boyfriend those candy heart boxers.

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