30 Fun Things to Do in the Fall

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Fall is finally here which means fall sweaters, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin spice lattes. I am quickly becoming a fall person! I’ve always been a summer person because my birthday is in June. However, as the years go by, I am learning to embrace the changing of the seasons. There is so much to do in the fall; the weather is perfect and it’s beautiful outside. What’s not to love? So in the spirit of the season, I wanted to share my ultimate fall bucket list with you guys. Bonus: there is a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this post!

1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

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2. Go through a corn maze.

corn maze, fall, halloween, festive, fun.

3. Carve a pumpkin.

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4. Watch a scary movie.

5. Make a fall wreath.

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6. Host a “Friendsgiving”.

7. Cook a batch of soup.

8. Eat a caramel apple.

9. Go apple picking.

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10. Go on a hayride.

11. Make a pumpkin pie.

12. Burn fall scented candles.

13. DIY fun fall crafts.

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14. Make or drink apple cider.

15. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon!

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16. Take a scenic drive.

17. Cook dishes with seasonal squash.

18. Visit a haunted house.

19. Toast pumpkin seeds.

20. Visit a farmers market.

21. Make a pot of chili.

22. Go to a Fall Festival.

23. Make a scarecrow.

24. Decorate for fall.

25. Volunteer at a shelter.

26. Make applesauce.

27. Roast marshmallows.

28. Bake/bring pie to your neighbors.

29. Stomp in a pile of leaves.

fall, leaves, festive, fun, seasonal.

30. Make/drink a pumpkin Spice Latte.

pumpkin spice latte, leaves, fall, fun, festive, starbucks.

fall, festive, fun, what to do in the fall, bucket list, ideas, fall fun

Here it is! The downloadable Fall Bucket List.

I hope you enjoy this Fall Bucket list! What are your favorite things to do in the fall?

Also, check out my Things to Do in the Fall video on YouTube here:

  1. Ah I think this is a great idea and I love the fact that you’ve also included charitable things like volunteer at a shelter. The world would be a better place if we all took something from your list 💚

  2. I love it! I’ve got one going too, with a lot of the same things! Although living in southwest Oklahoma means there aren’t enough leaves to stomp on lol. Can’t wait to see how it goes!!

  3. So many beautiful ideas, and perfect timing. Decorating for fall and going to the fall festival are my top ones. You look so pretty, love your outfit.

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