A Weekend Guide to Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy, Anacapri, Amalfi Coast, Coast, Europe, Travel, Town Square

Capri, Italy

An island located in the bay of Naples, Italy, Capri is famous for it’s high end shopping, upscale hotels, and limoncello! Beautiful grottos and natural rock formations can be found all around the island. Lemon trees line the charming streets and neighborhoods, leaving the most pleasant citrus aroma. In the summer, the coast line is surrounded by yachts and cruise ships. Capri is a popular destination and one that should definitely be on your travel list!

How To Get There

On a Thursday afternoon, my best friend and I took a train from the Santa Maria Novella Stazione in Florence to the Napoli Centrale in Naples which was about a 3 hour train ride. Once we got to Naples we caught a taxi to the Calata Porta di Massa, where the cruise ships and ferries dock. It was super easy as the Napoli Centrale and the docks are conveniently located down town! The taxi was about 10 euros, but you could also take the tram from the Piazza Garibaldi. We were in a bit of a time crunch so we took the taxi.

We bought our tickets well in advance so all we had to do was wait for the ferry to show up and take us to the island! With the Caremar ferry, it took us about an hour to get there for 20 euros. For a little extra, you can book a high-speed ferry that will get you there in about forty minutes. The ferry dropped us off in the Marina Grande, where we caught the free shuttle to our B&B.

Capri, Italy, Marina, Grande, Marina Grande, Amalfi Coast, boats, docks.

Marina Grande, marina, Capri, Italy, Europe, Travel.

Where to Stay

We stayed at the beautiful Monte Solaro B&B in Anacapri; a B&B I highly recommend. Monte Solaro is high up on the slope of Capri’s mountain so it offers the most amazing views of the island. There was a free shuttle that took us from the Marina Grande to the Piazza della Pace. From there we were picked up by Costanzo, the B&B owner, who drove us up to the hotel. We arrived just in time to watch the sun setting over the sea from the terrace outside our bedroom. What made it even better was the delicious welcome drink we were served upon settling in!

We were also given a coupon to the family owned restaurant La Arcate near the main town center (about a ten minute walk from the B&B) where we had the most amazing meal. I had a lemon-flavored linguine pasta with shrimp and I can safely say it was the best plate I had during my time in Italy! The service was impeccable and at the end of our meal they offered us free limoncello drinks to sip on.

The family who owns the B&B were so sweet, helpful, and hospitable. Costanzo even sat down with us and went over a brochure on all the tourist activities the island had to offer. Monte Solaro serves a fantastic breakfast in the mornings with the most amazing chocolate croissants I have ever had; with powdered-sugar sprinkled on top! If you ask nicely, they will make you a delicious cappuccino to go with that croissant 😉

What To Do

Friday morning, after our delicious breakfast, we walked down to the foot-path leading to the Hermitage of Cetrella, a beautiful church. We continued down this path and found ourselves at the Piazza Vittoria where we took the chairlift up to the top of Monte Solaro for the highest and most panoramic view of Capri and the surrounding islands. The chair lift was super fun and well worth the eleven euros.

Capri, Italy, Monte Solaro, mountain, chair lift, travel, Europe, Amalfi Coast

After we got off the chairlift we browsed through the shopping center at the Piazza Vittoria. Elle bought some yummy limoncello and other fun gifts to take home to her family. The path along the shopping center is lined with lemon trees and beautiful flowers. There is another beautiful view of the island at the end of the path where we stopped for some photos.

Capri, Italy, Europe, travel, Amalfi Coast, Piazza Vittoria, Via San Michelle, San Michelle.

Capri, Italy, Amalfi Coast, Marina Grande, Europe, travel, ships.

We walked from the Piazza Vittoria down to the center of Anacapri and strolled through the adorable neighborhoods and streets. We popped into several different stores and a few churches, taking it all in! Later that evening, we returned to watch the town square come alive with people and lights. We had gelato and tiramisu while people-watching at a pasticceria (dessert shop).

Capri, Italy, Anacapri, town center, town square, square, church, Europe, travel, Amalfi Coast.

Europe, Italy, Travel, Capri, Amalfi, Coast, Anacapri, town, square, stairs.

Capri, Italy, travel, Europe, Amalfi Coast, town, town square.

Capri, Anacapri, Italy, town square, square, Europe, travel, night life, church, lights.

The next morning, fully-fueled after our breakfast, we headed to the bus terminal on Viale T. De Tomasso. From there, we caught a bus down to the Marina Grande. At the Marina, we bought tickets for the Yellow Line Island Tour with a stop at the stunning Grotta Azzurra! I highly recommend this tour; it’s the best way to see all the beauty the island has to offer. The tour passes by the “Scugnizzo” (the welcome statue), the Faraglioni (three towering rock formations), the Arco Naturale, the Siren’s Rock, and the Punta Carena Lighthouse. It also passes by amazing grottos around the island like the Coral, White, and Green Grotto. The last stop of the tour is at the infamous Grotta Azzura. The boats park near the opening of the grotto and from there you step into paddle-boats that take you inside. The beautiful, glowing blue water is a sight to see!

Capri, Italy, Anacapri, Amalfi Coast, Europe, travel, friends, Piazza Della Pace, piazza.

Capri, Italy, Grotto Azzura, blue grotto, Europe, Travel, Friends, Ocean.

After the tour, we walked around the colorful and vibrant Marina Grande. We dipped our legs into the public beach near the docks and sun- bathed. As we were walking back through the Marina, we had to duck for cover after a sudden downpour. We met a lovely American couple who were also taking cover from the rain under a roof. When the rain finally came to an end, we took the funicular train located to the left of the docks up to La Piazzetta, the popular square with a wonderful old clock tower.

Italy, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Europe, Travel, Piazza Umberto, shopping.

Capri, Italy, Amafli Coast, Europe, Travel, Piazza Umberto, shopping.

This is where you will find all of Capri’s famous high-end shopping and popular restaurants! We roamed the charming streets and shops and ate gelato. We also passed by the beautiful botanical garden, Jardins D’August. After all of the exciting events of the day, we were starving. We decided to eat at the Ristorante Al Capri-Don Alfonso, a cafe with the most amazing view of the ocean! We shared a delicious margarita pizza while admiring the view and talking about the amazing day we had.

Capri, Italy, Amalfi Coast, Italy, Travel, Piazza Umberto, Europe.

Capri, Italy, Europe, Travel, Amalfi Cost, restaurant, Piazza Umberto.

On our last morning in Capri, we took the time to appreciate the wonderful views and savor the last of the amazing croissants and cappuccinos. We caught a bus from the station near Piazza Della Pace down to the Marina Grande and relaxed while waiting for our ferry back to Naples. It was a wonderful weekend well spent in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities!

  1. It looks awesome. I am thinking about going to Italy next year so this post will help to decide about places. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I have been wanting to go to Italy for such a long time and this post makes me want to go even more! I’ll have to save it for reference later! Thanks!

  3. Capri looks like a lovely little city! Monte Solaro seems to be the perfect place to go for a nice hike and great views of the city!

  4. Wow, what breathtaking photos you captured on your trip. Looking forward to one day exploring Italy, and will definitely put Capri on the list!

  5. I could cry reading this! Hahaha, Italy is my #1 place I want to go (and has been since I was about 10 years old) but I still haven’t made it there yet. You’ve definitely inspired me to get saving!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mikayla! I would love to go back to Italy someday too. I hope you do return and visit Capri 😀

  6. Ah beautiful! I remember bringing back some lemon perfume from Capri when on my post-high school eurotrip. I dream of going back! Loved looking at your photos. Thanks for this!

  7. Wow! What a beautiful and awesome place Naples is! I don’t think I’ve been to that part of Italy before, but the scenery is gorgeous! I LOVE it, especially all the lush greenery, the sea, and mountains around Naples. I LOVE pizza too. It’ s probably even better than the ones they sell here in the States! I know Italian pasta is AMAZING too!

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